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Are your financial reports accurate and up to date?

Do you know what your profit margin is?

Are you keeping tabs on your evolving cost structure?

Is your cash flow optimized?

Do you have a holistic understanding of your company’s financial health?

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of a proper accounting system and the insightful financial information it serves to provide. Accurate financial reporting is like your car’s early warning indicator system – critical information is conveyed to keep you running smoothly and out of trouble.  All businesses from small start-ups to mature companies share the same need for up-to-date useful business intelligence.  Without accurate financial statements and reports, you simply can’t make sound management decisions on the future of your operations.

Optimizing Your Cash Flow

Think of cash flow as the lifeblood of your organization.  Ultimately, it’s the sustenance that keeps you afloat by allowing you to cover your ongoing operational expenses.  In addition, it primes you to take advantage of investment opportunities, protects you against unanticipated problems, and serves to set the stage for future growth and expansion.

Companies from the smallest start-ups to the most formidable multinational conglomerates depend upon positive cash flow for their survival.  Our extensive experience enables us to optimize your cash flows by employing a full range of cash flow management tools and strategies.  When you choose to work with us, we arm you with a cash budget, ageing schedules, an efficient accounts receivable system, insightful analysis of inflows and outflows, and a plethora of feasible expense reduction strategies so you can be sure you get the results you need.

Employing a Holistic Approach

At Courtland & Company Accounting, we deliver unique insight into the financial position of your company by giving you a broad based view of your business performance.  This comprehensive approach provides the benefit of allowing you to identify the aspects of your business that require the most attention.  Focusing exclusively on one piece of the puzzle such as sales/revenue generation can lead to blind spots in other equally important areas such as profitability.  By carefully reviewing the entire spectrum of your business performance from workflow to financial results, we’re able to offer a holistic view that will help your business thrive into the foreseeable future.

Our Advisory and Consulting Services

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budget Design and Implementation
  • Workflow Improvement and Document Management
  • Review of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Expense Review and Reduction Strategies
  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Analysis and Review of Statement of Cash Flows
  • Analysis of Customized Financial Reports for Enhanced Decision Making
  • Financial Benchmarking and Forecasting

Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Our flexibility allows us to offer you as little or as much as your business needs when it comes to financial management consulting.  We listen to you, identify problem areas, get to understand your unique needs, and develop a customized plan that allows you to confidently plan for the future.  Whether you’re looking to enhance profitability, identify problems with cash flow, keep expenditures in check, project trends, or receive accurate up to date financial reports – we can help.  Let us take care of your back office financials so that you can get back to focusing on the front end.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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